Color Confessions

A few coloring tips Pt.1

So you want to color like a boss. The good news is that, with a little practice, techniques and a little patience you'll be coloring lke a genius in no time. Here are a few techniques I found that could help you get started

Make a color swatch and labeling database


Blending your your colors

Take your time

This is important because you want to already know what your colors look like and which medium it is before you use it to color in. Also you won't have to keep testing your colors because it's already laid out for you



Again, a swatch labeling system will help you remember your favorite blends.

  •  Blend your colors from light to dark
  •  You can use a solvent to blend, but be sure to let it dry  first before coloring over it again (you can purchase solvent [Turpendoid Natural or Gamsol] in the painting section of your local art store)
  • You can use a pencil blender, a cheap paint brush and blend it over the shaded areas. 


I get the same feeling. I can't wait for it to be done so I can see the finished product. However rushing through your coloring session can be counter productive. Maybe start out with some free pages to practice your technique and when you got it down to a science, take it to your favorite book!