The Devil's Blog

Consumers from HELL


They say the customer is always right when in fact, the customer is almost always wrong and an asshole. Not to say we don’t have good behaving clients and consumers, but we’re not talking about them today. We are talking about the bad behaving, verbally abusive, belligerent jerk-offs we have to deal with. The bad apples per say.

I had a client who I swore was possessed by the devil. Even the tone of his voice got under my skin. He constantly didn’t listen during presentations, he would talk to us in a verbally abusive tone, like he didn’t understand what the hell he was looking at although he requested it. He’d rudely interrupt us while speaking. It was so bad parts of my body would begin to involuntarily twitch and I would experience chest pains. I felt like I was just in a fight. Presentations with this individual was like going into a boxing match.

I created this blog as a safe place for anyone who works in customer service in some form to vent their frustrations in a controlled environment because let’s face it, as much as we’d like to knock the shit out of a bad behaving customer, we can’t. Therefore, I invite everyone to share their collection of short stories from all walks of life about their experiences with rude consumers.

Have you ever experienced a nightmare client or customer?